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Wednesday, September 9, 2009
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System
Saitek Pro Flight Yoke Sy

$ 289 . 00
Brand: Saitek
Type: Flight Yokes & Pedals
Platform: PC
Availability: 20/12/2007
The Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System is a flight yoke game controller for use with Flight Simulation software, designed to replicate the control system in a real airplane.


* Precision elevator and aileron control through yoke.

* 14 button controls (inc. 6 on the quadrant)

* 3-position mode switch

* Durable, stainless steel yoke shaft.

* Ultra stable 2 position desk clamp.

* Built-in chronometer for in-flight timing.

* Integrated 3 port USB hub (power adapter available separately)

* Separate 3 axis lever throttle quadrant which can be munted in different ways.

* Saitek Smart Technology programming software included.

* Mounting positions for three Saitek Flight Instrument Panels.

Source : http://www.vrconcepts.co.nz/index.php


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Tuesday, February 5, 2008
XFS X-Fighter Seat

Hardcores your flight simulation X-perience !


* Build keeping IL2 – FALCON – LOCKON and FLIGHT SIMULATOR Pilots in mind
* Extremely resistant aeronautical aluminium structure in natural gloss-light-grey or opaque-black-stealth finishing
* Upholstery in real black leather (XFS logos is hardPrint on leather on the head)
* Innovative folding concept makes XFS perfect at home and ideal for carry it to your Lan Party
* Universal plates to hard-fix Saitek X45, X52, X52PRO, the TM Cougar and quite every yokes on market (no more hotas-walking on your desk!!)
* Universal Saitek and CH PRO rudders basement to hard-fix every yaw and brake legs&feet movement (no more rudder-sliding below your desk !)
* Universal support to fix touchscreen
* No weldments! XFS is totally assembled using stainless steel screws only
* Completely customizable hotas, rudders and touchscreen-support position: You can mount or unmount the seat configuration in all the way you want to suite your best comfort flight position; fully adjustable and removable armrests (choose for example among F16 hotas position or classical throttle-on-right and stick-on-centre configuration or your preferred helicopter layout); rudders basement can be use on groundFloorHeight or above on its own 15cm. feet
* Innovative aerospace engineerized design (now you are really inside the cockpit !)
* Suitable for all ages, heights and builds
* Possibility to customize (not by XFS Staff) the back panel with your squadron-patch and battle-name
* Possibility to customize (by XFS Staff on specific request) chassis and leather with colours you want (extremely cool to have XFS with your squadron colours especially on Lan Party !)
* Made in Italy
* XFS does not include : desk, hotas, yokes, rudders and/or any other hardware.

site info : www.simw.com


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